Jerrie McLaughlin, CTA



As a girl, I thought of joining the Navy to "See the world". Instead, in college, I majored in French and Spanish, and wore out my leather-soled shoes on my first trip to France, you know what I mean if you've been to Europe.

I began my career as a professional travel advisor to help others "see the world". Over the next 20+ years of travel planning for others and of course, travelling for myself I've had many highlights:

  • Cruises to Mexico, Alaska, and the Caribbean.
  • Travelling extensively throughout my beloved France and ITALY.
  • Exploring Tahiti, Brazil, Greece and much more! 

My most adventurous trip was the one to Hong Kong where the language, culture and cuisine were vastly different to the one I was accustomed to. In that trip, I also  ventured by ferry to Lantau Island, Macau and throughout mainland China. 

Thanks to my passion for diversity, my specialties also include:

  • Couples planning a special travel experience to celebrate their marriage
  • Families hoping to supplement the education of their children, and form closer bonds through travel experiences,
  • Romance travel for couples whether it be through honeymoons, on special vow-renewal vacations or on River Cruises.

For a diverse and unique experience, and to TRAVEL YOUR WAY, let me be the one to share this journey with you. 

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