Historic Arizona Hotels

Arizona has several historic hotels that you might like to experience either for a sojourn or to have a look around and dinner or a drink. I'll discuss each of them in separate posts.

Let's begin with the historic landmark Arizona Inn in Tucson. Built by philanthropist Isabella Greenway in the early 1930's, it is luxurious but homey, just as Isabella (a life-long friend of Eleanor Roosevelt) had envisioned it would be.

This pink-painted hotel is situated right in the heart of Tucson, but the low-flung buildings, and the beautiful grounds, planted with mostly Arizona native plantings, create a calm and soothing ambiance.

Philanthropist that she was, Isabella put World War I disabled veterans to work building the furniture for the inn, and the furniture is still built and maintained on the premises by master craftsmen.

Tha Audubon Bar and Patio, where Arizona movers and shakers meet and greet, is appealing with its original prints and live piano music. Isabella Greenway would be happy to know that the Arizona Inn is still owned and proudly operated by her family.

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